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Manage your Automobile Dealership with best Auto Dealership Software

Automobile Dealership Management Software.

We are offering an in-house developed easy to use web based automobile dealership management software. The solution is already implemented highly successfully for one of our clients and has become indispensable part of all its business activities.

This auto software deals with all the requirements of an automobile dealer organization like :-

  • Vehicle Sales
  • Workshop Activities
  • Retail and Challan Based Sales
  • Spare Parts Inventory
  • Invoicing
  • Customer Order Management
  • Financial Accounting and MIS Reports
  • Account Transactions

All within your web browser. Information within the application is secure and accessible based on a highly scalable permissions hierarchy.

The companies that use our Automobile Dealership Management software are:-

  • Shriram Motors.
  • Kesar Earth and Movers.
  • Karm Sales and Service.

Easy to manage auto dealing with auto dealership management software

Software Modules


  • Account Groups
  • Accounts
  • Vehicle Models
  • Part Categories
  • Parts
  • Oils
  • Part Location
  • Labor Categories
  • Labor Types
  • Part Reorder Level
  • Opening Stock
  • Regional Offices
  • Branches
  • Branch Activities
  • Roles
  • Users
  • Employees
  • Vehicles

  • Purchase Order
  • Purchase Invoice
  • Vehicle Quotation
  • Performa Invoice
  • Pre Delivery Inspection
  • Vehicle Challan
  • Sales Invoice
  • Product Complaint Report
  • Debit Note
  • Journal Voucher


  • Customer Order
  • Inter Branch Order
  • Parts Challan
  • Material Return Note
  • Stock Transfer Note
  • Receive Stock Transfers
  • Physical Stock Voucher
  • Stock Journal
  • Workshop

  • Estimate
  • Open Job Card
  • Requisitions
  • Job card Issue
  • Job Card Return
  • Job Card Service
  • Job Card Closing
  • Service Visit Reports
  • Warranty Claims
  • Purchase

  • Vehicle Off Road Order
  • Priority Order
  • Local Parts Purchase Order
  • Goods Receipt Note
  • Purchase Invoice

    Billing and Invoice

  • Parts Sales Invoice
  • Deputation Invoice
  • Labor Invoice
  • Job Card Invoice
  • Service Visit Report Invoice
  • Sales Returns
  • Counter/Retail Sales
  • Account Transactions

  • Multi Accounts Voucher
  • Payment
  • Receipt
  • Sales
  • Purchase
  • Contra
  • Credit Note
  • Debit Note
  • Journal Voucher
  • Bill Adjustments

    Day Book Reports

  • Stock Reports
  • Stock Inward Outward Details
  • Reorder Status
  • Negative Stock
  • Stock Ageing Analysis
  • Stock Transfer Analysis
  • Outstanding Orders
  • Branch Wise Complete-Transaction Analysis Report
  • Sales Register
  • Purchase Register
  • VAT Report
  • Outstanding Bills
  • Ledger Outstanding
  • Bill Ageing Analysis
  • Day Book
  • Day Ledger Master
  • Monthly Ledger Master
  • Daily Activity Summary
  • Weekly Activity Summary
  • Monthly Activity Voucher
  • Trial Balance
  • Profit and Loss Account
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash/Bank Books
  • Multi Voucher Printing
  • Vehicle Service History
  • FOC Materials List

Software Features

100% Web-Based DMS

Platform independent.

Fast Data Entry

Multi Location

Fully Configurable User Rights

Parts Inventory Management

Inventory Distribution Services

Customer Database

Billing & Invoicing

Employee Management

Track Deals (vehicle sales)

Track Customers/Follow ups

Our Offer Includes

Software Installation

Customization According to Your Unique Requirements

Training & Phase Wise Transitions

Annual Maintenance and Support

"We are very satisfied and happy to have found Feynman Technologies as our Software Development partner. During our relationship, Feynman Technologies has developed a good understanding of our own vision and work flows and found a way to successfully complement our operations without causing any discontinuities or issues on our side."

Dr. Mukesh Jain
(Director)Sanjivani Wellness

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