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Software for Manufacturing Companies

Our Software for Manufacturing companies provides flexible, industry-specific software that is designed around the needs of our manufacturing, distribution, retail, and service industry customers.

We deal in single-user as well as multi-user web-based manufacturing software. Manufacturing software is a tool that provides functionality to plan and execute projects from beginning to end while automating materials planning, production tracking, scheduling, and product lifecycle management.

It also helps the user to get all possible reports and all possible MIS reports with a single click.

This manufacturing software helps you cultivate a lean manufacturing operation, grow your business faster, and gain a competitive advantage
over growing demands by, getting real-time information, increased agility and flexibility, and improved lead times:-

  • Production Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Order Management
  • GST Reports
  • Complete Sales and Purchase Management
  • Manufacturing Resource Planning
  • Inventory Reports
  • Reports for Labour Job Units

All within your web browser. Information within the application is secure and accessible based on a highly scalable permissions hierarchy.

Software Modules

Production & Management

  • Requisition
  • Production
  • Rejection
  • Input Production
  • Output Production
  • Quality Check
  • Bin Management

Reports for Labour Job Units

  • Annexure IV Stock Register for Goods sent for Processing / Job Working
  • Annexure V Account of Receipt of Raw Material, Inputs, Partial Process Goods, Semi Finished Goods
  • Annexure II Challan for Job Work
  • Annexure VI / Subsidiary Challan for Job Work
  • Pending Labour Job Challans

Inventory Reports

  • Stock Ledger Item-wise / Group-wise / Type-wise (Raw Material / Finished Goods etc.) / Chapter-wise
  • Stock List Item-wise / Group-wise / Type-wise (Raw Material / Finished Goods etc.) / Chapter-wise

Daily & GST Reports

  • Sales Registers
  • Purchase Registers
  • Supply Inward
  • Supply Outward
  • GSTR-3B
  • GSTR-1
  • TDS Reports
  • Daily Production Report
  • Proforma for Monthly Return under Rule 7 for Input Goods with & without Closing Balance (Cenvat)
  • Proforma for Monthly Returns Under Rule 7 for Capital Goods with & without Closing Balance
  • Revenue Report for Units more than One Crore per Annum with Previous Year’s Date
  • “Annexure A” for Monthly Revenue Figure
  • Monthly Stock Statement with Assessable Value, Export Value, Export Duty, Closing Stock.

Production & Configuration

  • Bill Of Material
  • Units
  • Stock Opening
  • Process Master
  • Machine
  • machine Maintenance


  • Multi-Level BOM
  • Multiple Production Units
  • Location Management
  • Machine Maintenance
  • Production Schedule
  • Multi Warehouse Management
  • Multi-Level Inventory
  • Guarantee & Warranty
  • MRP (Material Requisition Planning)
  • Multiple Company
  • Multi-Level Permissions
  • Process Wise Inventory

The companies that use our Manufacturing software are:-

  • Gurunank Agriculture Pvt. Ltd.
  • Sukraft Papers
Easy to manage your manufacturing process with manufacturing software.
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