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Our Major Technologies

Feyntech understands your needs and then propose the technology that’s the best fit. When building our solutions, we use the following main languages and platforms:


Feyntech Software utilizes JAVA for its Stability, Cross Platform Compatibility and Scalability.


Feyntech Offers Service for PHP Website and Application projects, combining Low Cost and High Performance.


Feyntech Software was founded to focus on the Cloud Computing Platform.

We also use well-tested platforms to ensures that we are able to provide outstanding results. It also ensures that our clients have a platform that can grow with them and adapt to their needs over time. Each platform we use has a host of developers behind it, and has proven it can evolve quickly to meet changing technology needs. We also use mature, third-party software products as the basis for our work. This includes reputable open-source platforms like Drupal, CiviCRM and WordPress, which we favor due to their low implementation cost and large community of developers who work together to create great solutions.


  • AWS
  • Digital Ocean
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